Angie Klein, Verizon's vice president of marketing, told USA TODAY: "At Verizon, we take a lot of pride in leading the way when it comes to being a partner for parents. Kids are clamoring more and more to get smartphones earlier. There's a lot of peer pressure in schools on it. And parents are leery about giving their kids a product that exposes them to a product they are not right for."

There are several things you probably worry about when you decide to give your kid their first cell phone. You probably worry what they'll see online, who will be able to contact them, and you probably worry about the additional cost.

Those are all valid concerns and Verizon has introduced a plan to ease your mind. They just launched the "Just Kids" plan which allows parents to control the type of content their children can access, limit screen time, and track location. The phone allows for 20 contacts which the parent can assign and a feature that will allow you to pause the internet.  All of this is available for less than 10 bucks a month according to PC Mag.

"Just Kids" seems like a great starter plan for kids and parents.

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