While reading about this restaurant, I became incredibly hungry! I am definitely adding it to my list of places I need to try at some point but it may be hard to get a seat. A newer restaurant in Minnesota has been named the best in all of the state.

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TripSavvy named the best restaurant in every state and for Minnesota, it looks like the best restaurant in the state is Owamni. The restaurant is located in the Water Works Pavilion in Mill Ruins Park in Minneapolis, meaning it will take a bit of a road trip for Northlanders. It sounds like it is more than worth it.

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The restaurant is owned by Sean Sherman and Dana Thompson, who are known very well in the culinary world and beyond. They have run a catering company and educational nonprofit for a decade. Sean is so well known, he even has his own Ted Talk!

So what is Owamni all about? The website explains the mission behind the delicious menu and the like, writing:

The goal of this restaurant is to showcase modern Indigenous foods. This means that we prioritize purchasing from Indigenous producers first, and build our seasonal menus to reflect region, culture, and specific Indigenous identities.


We have cut out colonial ingredients such as beef, pork, chicken, dairy, wheat flour, and cane sugar, instead highlighting the true agricultural products of North America, such as corns, beans, squashes, wild game, birds, fish and Native plants.


Sean Sherman was even named one of the most influential people of 2023 by Time Magazine. Considering the list touches on all types of artistry and only features one-hundred people from across the country, it is a pretty incredible feat. He is also a Julia Child award winner, among many other accolades. 

It's no wonder this restaurant was named the best in Minnesota. The New Yorker even called it the best new restaurant in the country, having opened just a few years ago in 2021. A local chef and author also called it the best restaurant in the country, echoing the sentiment of so many others.

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Owamni is closed on Mondays but open every other day of the week. Based on the insane number of Google reviews it has and how word on the restaurant is spreading, you may need to plan ahead to get a seat! The food looks insanely incredible.

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