America's Dairyland is about to be in the national spotlight.

Season 21 of Bravo's hit cooking competition show "Top Chef" will premiere on March 20th, featuring none other than the Midwest's own Wisconsin.

It will be set in Milwaukee and Madison and will focus on the state's dairy legacy (obviously) and the state's hand in cranberry production.

There are 15 "cheftestants" competing but 3 of them didn't have far to travel. Kaleena Bliss and Alisha Elenz are both from Chicago. Kaleena is an Executive Chef and Alisha is a Private Chef, according to the show's website. Also competing is Dan Jacobs, a chef from Milwaukee.

A "Cutthroat Cheese Festival"

Since they're in Wisconsin, you can expect a lot of dairy and Midwestern-based challenges, including a "cutthroat cheese festival" and creating dishes with Door County cherries and Wisconsin-grown cranberries. They will even be tasked with creating a fish boil based of an old-fashioned Wisconsin one.

There are some new rules coming along that have never happened in "Top Chef". According to the website:

For the first time in series history, the cheftestants will have the opportunity to win a cash prize at every Quickfire Challenge and immunity will now be up for grabs at the Elimination Challenges, making the winning chef safe in the next episode

Watch the trailer for Wisconsin's season here:

The winner will take home the title of Top Chef, $250,000, a feature in 'Food & Wine', and an appearance at the 41st Annual Food & Wine Classic in Aspen.

The episodes will be on Bravo 8:00-9:15 p.m. and available for streaming next day on Peacock.

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