We've seen some real doozies so far in 2018, but this one could very well top them all.

Back in the day my parents told me at a very, very young age to never put metal into a microwave. And yet in 2018, we already have people eating tide pods, and snorting condoms... so this only seemed like the next logical mishap, right?

According to BuzzFeed, the newest craze floating around the internet is making a shiny little ball via the microwave. The tweets say you can make this silver ball at home by putting a ball of rolled up tin foil into the microwave for three minutes, and voilà! Look, I don't know why you'd need a shiny silver ball for anything other than a game of pinball, but you can't. I REPEAT, YOU CANNOT MAKE THIS BALL BY MICROWAVING TIN FOIL!

Do people really have to be told that you can't do this at home? Actually, nothing in 2018 surprises me anymore.

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