Nicki Minaj recently shared video of herself before plastic surgery, and glowed about her natural look.

Nick Minaj Shares Video of Pre-Surgery Photoshoot

Nicki Minaj has been open about undergoing cosmetic surgery lately. On Thursday (Aug. 17), she shared a throwback video from 15 years ago on her Instagram page. In the video, which can be seen below, Nicki Minaj is posing while a photographer takes pictures of her at a photoshoot. She wears a form-fitting gold top. Her bust is much smaller than its current status.

"25 never looked better," the 40-year-old rapper captioned the post. "No surgery. No wigs. Just a brand new Colgate smile."

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Nicki Minaj's Recent Surgery

Nicki Minaj recently confirmed she got breast reduction surgery after her bosom ballooned following the birth of her son in 2020.

"Nature did what they had to do for Papa Bear," Nicki Minaj told City Girls' JT on Instagram Live in June, in reference to breast feeding her son. "It's no way your boobs right now are still able to look like that and be all sexy and cute and stuff like that in your dresses. Trust me. You did not have the size that I had."

"If tell you the size...Do you wanna hear the size that they were?" Nicki continued. "Oh, triple E. So, trust me, boo boo. You didn't have the kind I had because you would have been doing the same thing I did."

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See throwback video of 25-year-old Nicki Minaj below.

Watch Nicki Minaj's Throwback Video Before Plastic Surgery

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