For anyone who can't stand fall, let alone the pumpkin spice craze that goes along with it, then this may be the perfect alternative.

I don't know about you, but when it's still 80+ degrees and humid as all hell, I'm not rushing to the nearest coffee joint to pound a hot cup of coffee just because I haven't had it in nine or so months. "It" being pumpkin spice, of course.

So while everyone and their sister is waiting in line today at Starbucks, you could easily head down North Broadway, or even Market Place Drive in Rochester and try Taco Bell's newest fall-inspired drink that I think will rival the pumpkin spice latte - The Caramel Apple Freeze:

The Caramel Apple Freeze is a green apple slush with a caramel drizzle, which certainly sounds like one of those delicious caramel apple lollipops we had growing up!

Again, with fall temperatures still a good month or so away, doesn't an ice cold slushie sound way more appealing than a steaming cup of hot coffee?? Besides, caramel is still considered a "fall flavor" so technically you're still getting your fall fix that will satisfy your sweet tooth.

I rest my case.

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