This should certainly get women excited who want to stay active during their pregnancy, or even if they just love that 'athleisure' look.

My wife's not ashamed to admit it, but she loves to lounge around. At 33 weeks pregnant, she's allowed to do so as much as she wants! However, at this point she doesn't have many clothes that allow her to feel very comfortable when sprawled out on the couch or in bed. That's why I think you'll be as excited as Danielle about some news from our favorite retailer regarding their latest clothing line.

Maternity fashion line Isabel Maternity by Ingrid & Isabel, available exclusively at Target, is celebrating their one-year anniversary by announcing their new Isabel Maternity by Ingrid & Isabel activewear collection, and that the brand will now offer many styles in more inclusive sizes (from XS to 4X) across the assortment.

According to Target's corporate website, the new activewear collection introduces 14 new styles, including leggings, jackets and tees in a variety of floral and solid prints, and will be offered in all sizes.

So if you're like Danielle, and just plain "over it" when it comes to feeling comfortable, you should definitely look into this because everything she already owns from that line she already loves.

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