Sneaking snacks into the movie theater is something we all remember from our childhood...

My brother and I did it all the time, and it was so fun knowing we could get away with it as often as we did.

It's no secret that movie theaters jack up the prices to our favorite treats, soda and popcorn at the concession stands. I mean, who's excited to spend an extra $12-18 on snacks when you just bought a $10 movie ticket?? It makes going to the movies an expensive night out!

To this day, I'll occasionally stuff a soda in my pockets or sneak in a fun-sized bag of chips in my cargo shorts so I can have a quick bite while watching a flick on the big screen.

Everybody does it, and if you say you've never done it, you're probably lying.

However, this couple took it to a whole 'nother level with this Instagram post. Check it out below:

Wow... just wow. That's a tad much, wouldn't you say?

Alright, so let's all just come clean with it right now...

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