Rochester could experience its coldest day in nearly 25 years with a high temp of a frigid 19 below on Wednesday. With the extreme wind chill, it'll feel much cooler. In these conditions, frostbite can set in within 10 minutes of exposure to the weather. Because of this, the city is going into shut down mode tomorrow, saying on their website, "only essential services, including that of public works and public safety departments will be active."

Unfortunately, that doesn't include postal workers. They will still be braving the cold to deliver your mail. Fortunately, there is a way to save them from having to deliver your mail at least. It may not seem like a lot, but one less house means more time in the heated vehicle and less time in the cold. You can put a hold on your mail until mother nature releases her icy grip.

To do so, head the USPS website and click hold mail. Just like you would if you were going on vacation, you pick the start and end date. Your mail is kept at the Post Office until the hold expires.

USPS Hold Mail
USPS Hold Mail

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