Sushi might be one of the most controversial foods out there. I love sushi, but it seems like half of everyone I know will straight-up refuse to try it. While they're totally missing out, sushi is one of those foods where you really don't want to settle. Like, I'll eat just about any cheeseburger or slice of pizza from pretty much anywhere, but even I'm not brave enough to buy a sushi roll from a gas station. You want good sushi. And lucky for us cool and adventurous types, good sushi exists in Minnesota!

According to Thrillist, one of America's best sushi restaurants is a fairly quick drive away from Rochester to Minneapolis. Kado no Mise ("corner restaurant") is a newer joint in downtown Minneapolis that has received rave reviews. It apparently offers fresh fish cooked by a Tokyo-trained chef with a wide variety of different rolls. While it does look a little pricey ($$$ acording to Yelp), this place looks like a solid way to treat yourself to some apparently good sushi if you're ever in the mood. You can take a look at their website here.

Source: Thrillist

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