We've all read Are You My Mother? as kids, and now the story is sort of coming to life in southeast Minnesota!

Local farmer Susan Waughtal noticed this cute sight first. She explained on Facebook, "...either a duck egg ended up in her [the hen's] nest and hatched first or she stole the first duckling to hatch from duck’s nest."

Here's evidence of the cute discovery!

According to the Minnesota DNR, this duckling was perhaps a late arrival. They explain, "In Minnesota, mallards mate in late winter or early spring. Nests are built in dense vegetation, and hens lay five to 14 eggs, which take 26 to 30 days to hatch. Newborns are covered with down; they begin to fly 49 to 60 days after they're hatched." Maybe this baby was born in July?

I'm not sure how this relationship will progress, but it's definitely off to a cute start!

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