Since 1936, the Wienermobile has been traveling all around the world, and this weekend it's in Rochester. Samm and I had our cameras rolling when the iconic 27-foot- long hot dog vehicle pulled up to our studio today.

Here's where you can get a selfie with the Wienermobile in Rochester this weekend:

 HyVee Crossroads Friday 11:00a -4:00p

HyVee 37th St Saturday 10:00- 1:00p

HyVee Barlow Plaza Saturday 2:00-4:00p

HyVee West Circle Dr. Sunday 9:00a- 1:00p

At any given time there are 6 Wienermobiles on the roads in the US and they're always looking for new drivers which they call "Hot Doggers" Learn more here.

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