Parking meters in downtown Rochester aren't currently being enforced but the City did send a press release today to remind people about some parking restrictions that are still in place. The City says, Parking remains prohibited in loading zones, no parking zones, in front of fire hydrants, and at meters that have been signed or bagged for curbside pickup/takeout from local restaurants."

Some of the metered parking spots were specifically bagged to help restaurants that are offering take out ordering. One of these restaurants, Potbelly's Sandwich Shop, has posted their frustrations with people using these spots on Facebook:

Rochester Police Chief James Franklin said, "We have recently seen a rise in the number of vehicles remaining parked all day in curbside pickup zones. We are asking the public to honor the guidance on the signs.We have asked businesses to begin reporting any violations and will work with the parking enforcement team to ticket any violators going forward.”

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