One of the biggest fundraisers for Paws and Claws Humane Society in Rochester, Minnesota is their annual Pet Walk. It's a big event that brings out tons of animal lovers and their pets. A big change was just announced for this year's event, though.

Paws and Claws is caring for lots of cats and dogs that are looking for their forever homes. They have a beautiful facility where most of the animals live (some are in foster homes). If you're looking to add to your family, check them out!

Paws and Claws Pet Walk 2023

The annual Pet Walk to raise money for Paws and Claws is coming up this Saturday, May 6th at Cook Park in Rochester. Registration begins at 9 AM and the walk starts at 10 AM. There will be demos, prizes, a bake sale, and plenty of fellow animal lovers.

But there's one big change to this year's Pet Walk. They are asking that no dogs be brought to the event. It's so sad! Usually, there are TONS of dogs that come to hang out and take a walk together but not this year.

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As you can imagine, it's because of the canine influenza outbreak in the Twin Cities right now. As of writing this there are no canine influenza cases in southeast Minnesota but as Paws and Claws says on their Facebook page, the Board of Animal Health has recommended that no dogs be allowed at this year's Pet Walk.

Matthew Henry via Unsplash
Matthew Henry via Unsplash

They are, however, encouraging you to bring your cats or rabbits in strollers, backpacks, etc. to the walk! Cats and other pets have always been invited but it's definitely a dog-heavy event. So if you have cats or rabbits that like to get outdoors, bring them to the Pet Walk this Saturday!

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