Good luck finding a copy if you haven’t bought it already.

Looking for a new game to sit down and play with the family?  Well don't count on the new Oregon Trail card game, as the Target-exclusive game is getting pretty hard to find these days, as it's selling out everywhere.


The card game comes from Pressman Toys/Goliath Games, and is based on the old, green-screen computer game that three Minnesota teachers created way back in 1971.  (Sorry if that makes you feel old)

In case you're wondering what's different about the new card game as opposed to the computer game; the answer is nothing.  You basically do the same thing – pack up your family into a wagon and try to travel from Independence, Missouri, all the way west to Oregon without dying of dysentery or anything else.

Unfortunately, Target doesn’t have specifics on when their stores will be getting more copies of the games.

But if you're a die-hard super fan of the game and absolutely need a copy, your best bet is to either continue to check, call ahead and ask, or stalk Ebay... but then you run the risk of paying more than the $12.99 Target price for a copy for one.

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