People are hanging eucalyptus plants in their shower. No lie, they take the branches, tie them together and hang them behind their shower head. There are tons of health benefits for it, and Pinterest has seen a 300% spike in people searching for the "eucalyptus shower."

According to Marie Claire, "the steam (and heat) releases the essential oils in the herbs, which helps to fight brain fog and stress, acts as a decongestant, boosts the immune system and wakes you up in the morning too. And for the night-time showerers among us, you can swap the eucalyptus for dried lavender (an epic relaxant)."

As I'm reading about this, I found that you can buy a eucalyptus shower spray, but people are still using the actual plant? Why? Am I the only person that thinks that's super weird? Does anybody else's jump right to thinking bugs and spiders?

I'm all for the natural remedies, I'm just not sure I could get on board with this one. What do you think? Would you try it?

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