I'm not sure that this house is my cup of tea. It is a beautiful home but it's not my style of choice. It has been described as the 'perfect mid-century modern' home and it's for sale in Iowa City, Iowa, about 3.5 hours from Rochester, Minnesota.

It's listed at not nearly as high of a price as I anticipated: $410,000. I figured that with the house being designed the way it was it would be listed for closer to a million. There are lots of wood detail and the architectural design is very unique.

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'Perfect Mid-Century Modern' Home for Sale in Iowa and it's Stunning

A beautiful home in Iowa City, Iowa is for sale and it has been described as the 'perfect mid-century modern.' 

Beautiful Old Midwest Home for Sale has Incredible Detail

The details in and around the home are amazing! It's for sale in Decatur, IL for just under $350,000 and was built in 1915.

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