If you're obsessed with Instagram like I am - this is something you need to know about!

After Samm, Curt, and myself left the Chase Bryant show at Down By The Riverside a few weeks ago, we all noticed an incredible view of Rochester while walking back to the Quick truck.

Samm and I immediately took out our phones to snap a pic, and Curt quietly admired the view while wondering why oh why we were so obsessed with taking photos of it - but hey! It was fun! It definitely made my Instagram account later!

Here's the pic I snapped!

TSM Rochester: Val Kleinhans
TSM Rochester: Val Kleinhans

Wanna take a selfie in front of this amazing view of Rochester? Maybe you want to just snap the city itself? Either way, this location is easy to find.

I snapped this picture overlooking the Zumbro River from Mayo Memorial Park, which is just off of 6th Ave SE. To be clear, I mean the other side of the Zumbro. Not where Down By The Riverside takes place. You have to cross a bridge to get there.

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