You can't go wrong with pizza. But when it's EXCELLENT pizza, that's next level! Food and Wine Magazine put together a list of the 28 best pizza spots in the entire country and there's a Minnesota restaurant that made the list.

The Best Pizza Places in the Country

On their top 28 are places like Pizzeria Vetri in Philadelphia and Milo & Olive in Santa Monica, CA. There are spots in NYC, LA, Boston, and San Francisco on the list. And then there's a pizza shop in Robbinsdale, Minnesota.

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Best Pizza Spot in Minnesota

The place is called Pig Ate My Pizza. I know, a hilarious name! It's located in Nouvelle Brewing, which is a small-batch brewery. Food and Wine seems to like their pizza because of the unique toppings that they somehow make work.

Some of the 'zas at Pig Ate My Pizza have chicken tikka masala and tomato curry on top, others have crushed Doritos.

The pizza sounds a little crazy but this place was started by a former Travail Kitchen chef. Travail is one of the nicest restaurants in the state.

And also one of the most expensive. They mainly do chef tastings that are $105 per person if you go on a Wednesday or Thursday. On Fridays and Saturdays, it's $155 per person.

I'm going to guess the food is pretty amazing so I'm not surprised their pizza is the same way! I'd also be very interested in checking out what their beer is like at Nouvelle Brewery.

Stay the Night at a Pizza Farm Just 60 Miles from Rochester

There's an adorable, 16-acre farm in Cochrane, WI, called Suncrest Gardens. It's a pizza farm complete with an Airbnb that you can spend the night in.

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