Back in August, The Old Farmer's Almanac correctly predicted above-average temps and below-average precip through the fall months. Then forecasters predicted a warmer-than-average winter for Minnesota and up until now they've been right.

There are some ice fishers and snowmobilers that haven't been happy with the weather but most Minnesotans have enjoyed this pleasant winter. There have been several 40 and even 50-degree days and very little snowfall, but unfortunately, that's about to change.

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Why Has It Been So Warm In Minnesota This Winter?

El Niño is characterized by warmer-than-usual water in the Pacific Ocean, causing a shift in the Pacific jet stream. This change in atmospheric conditions impacts global weather patterns, resulting in flooding, droughts, and unusually high or low temperatures in various regions.

BRRR: Minnesota Will Soon Feel A Blast of Arctic Air

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For Minnesota, El Niño means a mild winter. NOAA says our region should experience warmer than average temps for most of the winter.

Though most of the state has enjoyed a quiet winter with temperatures higher than usual, it's time to get ready for colder days. Grab your long underwear and dust off your space heater because a blast of Arctic air is on its way to make things much chillier.

 Temperatures to Plummet in Minnesota

Climate Prediction Center - NOAA
Climate Prediction Center - NOAA

Take a look at the map above, which gives us the temperature outlook for the next 8-14 days. It indicates that many areas in the country, including all of Minnesota, can expect temperatures below the usual averages.

Did you know the coldest cities in the contiguous US are located in Minnesota, Iowa, and Wisconsin? See the list of these chilly cities below.

How Cold Will It Be In Minnesota?

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We're looking at temperatures a bit above the usual for this time of year until early next week. However, brace yourself for a shift as colder air moves in mid-week, causing temperatures to dip into the low 20s across most of the state on Wednesday and Thursday (Jan 10 and 11).

Things are set to get even colder from Friday, January 12th, through the middle of the following week, with high temperatures expected to be around 10 degrees.

BRRRR: The 15 Coldest Cities in America

The list below is from Niche. They put together their list of the coldest cities in the county by looking at which ones had "the coldest average low temperatures during the winter months." Keep scrolling to see the 15 coldest cities in the United States.

Gallery Credit: Dunken

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