Let the countdown begin...

Getty Images/Glow RM

Some liquor stores throughout the state are preparing to sell liquor for the first time this Sunday.

The new law will finally take effect on July 2nd. The measure received bipartisan support when it came up for final votes in the State Senate and State House earlier this year in March:

After signing the legislation, Governor Dayton stated, “This new law reflects the desires of most people in Minnesota, who have made it clear to their legislators that they want to have this additional option.”

The new law leaves the decision on whether to open on Sunday up to individual liquor store owners.

Stores participating in Sunday sales, including those in Rochester, can be open from 11 a.m to 6 p.m.

So will you be one of the first in line this weekend when your local liquor store opens its doors for the first time on Sunday, or will you stay home? I think I'm going to go in and buy a six pack of beer, just because I can!


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