Today is National Hot Dog Day! Which toppings do you like to make the perfect hot dog? Ketchup? Mustard? Relish? Chili?

Depends on the hot dog... But I prefer a generic 'ball park' type skinless hot dog to have French's Yellow mustard, and a small amount of ketchup, with some finely diced red onions and an ice cold beer. That's the perfect way to enjoy a hot dog in my book!

Some 'dog lovers will say you only need mustard on a hot dog, and ketchup should never go any where near it. I've also heard friends say a hot dog is like coffee: If it is good you don't need to cover it up with toppings and such. Solid point.

Everyone has different tastes and preferences so I'll just keep it as simple as possible because it's a sensitive subject in some parts of the Earth:

  • Credit: Erik Paulson
    Credit: Erik Paulson

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