There are several TJ Maxx locations in Minnesota and each one is full of happy bargain hunters searching for great deals on everything from clothing to electronics to home decor.

The low prices found inside the retail stores aren't the only benefit that shoppers enjoy. TJ Maxx is trending today because of the unexpected urge that many shoppers have experienced while browsing through the store. Read more about what's happening and why it's happening below.

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Customers Experience Unexpected Bathroom Urges at Popular Minnesota Store

A woman who goes by @homewithshelby on TikTok posted a quick clip that has gone viral with over 4 million views. The video shows Shelby inside the discount store with a caption that reads: "Me walking into a TJ Maxx." Then cuts to a close-up of her face with a caption that says, "sudden urge to s**t."

Shelby is not alone. Her video is filled with commenters who have experienced the same thing when shopping at TJ Maxx.

The Daily Mail published some of those comments including one from an employee.

"As a TJ Maxx associate without the privilege of an associate bathroom, we are very well aware and you’re not alone."

Why Does Shopping at TJ Maxx Make You Have To Poop?

TJ Maxx store
Credit: Jessica Williams

Dr. Supriya Rao, an expert in internal medicine, gastroenterology, obesity medicine, and lifestyle medicine, offered a possible explanation to Buzzfeed. 

She said there could be multiple factors that increase your need to use the bathroom while digging through the racks but doesn't think your sudden urge to poop is anything to worry about.

The doctor said the anxiety or excitement of a shopping trip can play a role. She also said the act of shopping - walking up and down aisles - helps to get things moving. A lot of shoppers also sip coffee while they browse and that's a proven laxative.

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