I'm a very social person. Being quarantined, if I'm honest, has not been easy on me. When it's all over, one positive thing that I hope will come, how grateful we are all going to be for the little things - I legit can't wait to go to a brewery with friends. I'm going to give each of them the biggest hug they've ever had. I'm going to order a big ass beer from a server that's happy and thankful to be at work. Those days cannot come soon enough. Fortunately, in the interim, some of our favorites are still making it possible to enjoy their food and beer from the comfort of our own home.

Forager Brewery recently announced that they will now be offering both delivery and curbside pick-up. They will have their full food menu available as well as 750ml crowlers and 750ml bottles of beer. Order online or give them a call, pay ahead of time, and boom, you're eating and drinking good tonight! Deliveries will be placed at your doorstep and pick-up orders will be delivered directly to your vehicle.

Steve Finnie
Steve Finnie

Little Thistle is also offering drive-up orders of their beer - you can order online. Plus, you can find their beer at Andy's Liquor NE location. Speaking of Andy's Liquor, they are closing their stores and instead, offering delivery and pick-up. Click here to read more.

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