I've been needing a headline like this for a while. I'm a firm believer in the "anything you can do I can do better" theory. You think you're stronger than me? I'd gladly accept your challenge to prove it. Time and time again I watch women crush the guys' records at the gym, hit the ball further on the softball field, among many other things. But still, there's this mentality that men are stronger than women. Here's more proof that that is just not the case.

Researchers tested a group of six British female soldiers. The women spent 62 days out on the ice in Antartica, dealing with high winds and low temperatures, and trekked more than 1,000 miles while dragging sleds loaded with supplies and equipment weighing over 176 pounds.

And I bet they didn't even complain - zing! Sorry, couldn't help myself. I'd complain. I hate the cold!

This is just one bit of science that allows us to understand that women have many strengths compared to men.

Anyway, back to the study. Researchers found that the women showed no more negative health effects than would be expected in men.

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