The Rochester Track Club is currently protesting the paving of the Soldier's Field track. The protest, called "Save the Track," will last 15 hours and during that time runners will be running on the track for all 15 hours. The protest started at 5:30 this morning and will go until 8:30 tonight.

The Park Board wants to repave the Soldier's Field track with asphalt. They say it's the most affordable option and, as KTTC writes, it "makes the space better for hosting large events."

However, the Rochester Track Club doesn't want this to happen, hence the protest. The club says that paving the track with asphalt is a bad idea because it causes a greater chance for injury among runners. It will also get much hotter in the summer than a natural track surface.

The club also says that the Solider's Field track is the only natural surface track in town. So it's not like if this track does get paved they can easily go somewhere else close by to run on a natural surface.


Source: KTTC


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