Hy-Vee is advising customers against consuming two products due to the possibility of Salmonella contamination. These items have already been removed from the shelves at stores in eight different midwest states including Minnesota, Iowa, and Wisconsin.

The Mayo Clinic says Salmonella infection is a bacterial illness that targets the digestive system. Humans primarily contract the infection by consuming contaminated water or food and symptoms including diarrhea, fever, and abdominal cramps start within 8 to 72 hours after exposure. That doesn't sound like much fun so check your fridge to avoid becoming sick.

Hy-Vee Removes Two Products From Store Due to Salmonella Concerns

Hy-Vee, based in West Des Moines, Iowa, says the products, made at different third-party facilities in the Midwest, are sold under Hy-Vee’s private label and bulk packaging programs.

The manufacturers alerted Hy-Vee about the issue, prompting the voluntary recall.

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So far, there haven't been any confirmed reports of illness from consuming these items.

The affected products were distributed to various Hy-Vee, Hy-Vee Drugstore, Dollar Fresh Market, and Hy-Vee Fast and Fresh convenience store locations across eight states: Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, South Dakota, and Wisconsin.

Do Not Eat These Two Products Sold At Hy-Vee Stores

The grocery chain has recalled two types of its Hy-Vee Cream Cheese Spread and its bulk-packaged Cookies & Cream Mix due to the potential Salmonella contamination.



Customers who purchased the product should throw it out immediately or return it to their local Hy-Vee grocery store to receive a full refund.

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