If you have not seen this come across your news notifications yet, let me be the first to share with you that Oregonians will now have to pump their own gas. I know. Are you just as confused as the rest of us? Apparently, in Oregon you couldn't pump your own gas! They have folks to do that for you. So you can just imagine the displeasure from those that don't want to pump their own gas....some even admitting they don't know how to pump their own gas!

A new law allows rural gas stations to lift the ban of self-service pumps and only during the night so folks don't become stranded. Here's the summary of the new law that went into effect January 1, 2018:

Removes hours of operation restriction on self-service at filling stations, service stations, garages and other dispensaries in low-population counties of eastern Oregon. Requires filling station, service station, garage or other retail dispensary in low-population county of eastern Oregon or specified county offering self-service to have attendant available for dispensing fuel during specified hours if located at site that includes retail space unrelated to certain motor vehicle goods and services. Allows nonretail facility in low-population county of eastern Oregon to allow self-service dispensing of fuel at retail.

KTVL News 10 station reported on this new law taking effect and the internet went nuts. A post went viral with hilarious commentary that ranged from how hardcore Minnesotans are pumping their own gas at -30 degree windchill temps, to folks asking what other things Oregonians are unable to do. Oregon just brought the country together kicking off 2018 in a humorous way. Happy reading!

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