Surprise, surprise, Samm is back asking for help! Thank goodness we have the smartest listeners in the world to help a girl out. Today's question: What kind of at-home sleep remedies help you?

Here's my problem:

Anything and everything will wake me up! I'm an extremely light sleeper. To put it into perspective for you - you know when you have a message on your phone, and that little green light flashes? If that is not covered up at night, it WILL wake me from a deep sleep! My room has to be pitch black at night, or I have to wear a sleep mask to sleep. If I'm stressed, I will be up all night thinking about the stressor. It also can't be too quiet. I have to have some sort of fan running, BUT not right on me. See, what is wrong with me? That's a ridiculous list of stuff I NEED just to sleep.

My husband picks on me, and says I have this "nature" about me that I "need" to know what's going on. What was that light? What was that noise? In all reality, that part of me will probably make me an awesome mom, right? BUT, right now, I just want to sleep...

I don't want to HAVE to take meds to fall asleep and/or stay asleep. There has got to be a better way. Something more natural.

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