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I never knew that Minnesota had a saltwater lake! Apparently it is very rare for Minnesota and this lake is the only saltwater lake in the entire state. Fittingly this lake is called Salt Lake and it is located in Lac Qui Parle County right on the Minnesota-South Dakota border. A small portion of the lake extends across the border into South Dakota. (see interactive map below)

Unfortunately, Salt Lake is not a swimming lake but I would say it is still worth the trip because it is such a rare landscape for Minnesota. Only in Your State writes that there is a little path that leads to a sign with more information about Salt Lake and an area that you can look out at the lake.

Southeast shore of Salt Lake, Minnesota

Salt Lake, according to Only in Your State, is one-third as salty as the ocean. This means that different types of plants can grow here that are not able to grow in most other parts of Minnesota. For example, red saltwort can be found at Salt Lake and only a few other places in Minnesota.

The lake is also home to 140 different species of birds and is the most popular bird watching site in Minnesota, according to Wikipedia. Salt Lake is a part of the Salt Lake Wildlife Management Area so the lake and the area around it are all protected, thank goodness!

Lakes become salty when they have no outlets, and all the water that flows into the lake escapes by evaporation leaving dissolved salts behind. After many years of inflow of dissolved salts and evaporation, the salt content builds up to present levels.

There are a few spots along the lake that you can walk if you take the trip out there. If you make the trek, make sure to take pictures while you are there and share them with us on our free app!

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