Do you ever drive past Snappy Stop and think, "Hmmm...I wonder what their biggest chicken nugget order was?" Well, lucky for you, I did. 

Actually, it's my job to think these things. "What would it be like to ring the Plummer

Building Bells for the Salvation Army?" The answer is COOL! "How many gallons of water does the Corn-On-the-Cop water tower hold?" 50,000. And "How many beds are there in St Mary's Hospital?" 1,265.

So, when I passed Snappy Stop the other night, I pulled in, ordered me some of their delicious chicken nuggets (they

Snappy Stop
TSM Rochester

really are good...I believe no fast food place in town can beat 'em for flavor and texture). I grabbed the camera and boom. Had a conversation and got the truth.

Also found out no one lives above the kitchen area.

I have NEVER seen anyone go in or come out of Snappy Stop. So i realized it had to be a self-contained and self-sustaining community. Dormitories upstairs, and below the surface, a vast network of farms to grow the ingredients needed for burgers, chicken nuggets, etc. From beef to chickens, and lettuce and tomatoes, that had to be the way.


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