Thursdays on First & 3rd will once again be gracing downtown Rochester this summer! Starting June 1, great food and live music will again fill the air in downtown Rochester, with a plethora of musical styles and genres on display throughout the run of the event.

Thursdays on First & 3rd is often filled with the unexpected, as well. We've been fortunate enough to catch a couple of those special moments on video over the past few years. Do you remember these?

Last year, while down at the event for a late lunch, I witnessed something you don't see everyday.

The woman who lost her valuable commodity was certainly happy to have public works come down and get it for her! And I bet she was even more glad that it wasn't raining that day. If it had been, then there probably wouldn't have been any point to trying to retrieve it!

And two years ago, during an evening show, we were fortunate to have been a part of a very special homecoming. Remember when this went down?

You just have to love these kind of special moments! I know that his parents sure did!

What special moments will be caught this year? It's hard to say, but make sure you get down there and check out this year's festivities!

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