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A goose can produce 2.5 pounds of poop each day. That's a lot of poop, and that was the main reason cited by The Park and Rec Department when the idea to use egg addling to reduce the goose population was brought up in August of 2020.

The Parks Department said it's not feasible to clean, visitors avoid parks or paths and walkways because of the poop, and the department also expressed concerns about small children ingesting it around playground areas.

This Wednesday (April 14th), a team of volunteers will start a process to reduce the number of geese that call Rochester home. The Parks and Recreation Dept. is planning to carry out egg addling at Cascade Lake and Silver Lake parks and could eventually expand their efforts to Soldier's Field and Foster Arend parks.

PETA explains that egg addling is, "a treatment that stops the embryo from developing. Several methods are available, but for humane reasons, some methods are preferred over others. Addling can take the form of oiling, shaking, or puncturing the eggs."

The Park Board said the act of addling is supported by PETA and The Humane Society, but many residents aren't happy with this method. Hundreds of people have taken to the Spotted in Rochester Facebook page to voice their concerns. An online petition was started with the hopes of stopping the destruction of eggs.

In December, KROC News reported that Parks Department Director Paul Widman said the egg addling program will cost approximately $8500 per park.

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