Dorset, Minnesota is a tiny town that lets residents buy a raffle ticket for $1 with the winner becoming mayor for a year. Bobby Tufts made national news when he became mayor at the age of 3. He served two one-year terms.

You've probably heard of Dorset, but have you ever visited? It's 45-minutes south of Bemidji and is a tourist favorite. There are fun shops like an antique shop, a clothing store, a stained glass store and there's even a photographer that specializes in old-fashioned photos.

The tiny town of just 22 people specializes in good eats too and has four restaurants. Dorset has proclaimed itself the "Restaurant Capital of the World." Visitors can dine at - The Dorset Café which won the WCCO viewer's choice award for best ice cream sundaes in the state, a Bed and Breakfast, the Dorset General Store and LaPasta Eatery, and Compañero’s Mexican.

It's 4-hours from Rochester, so a day-trip probably isn't an option, but if you ever find yourself up north and are looking for a fun tourist trap, check out Dorset.

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