It's not everyday that a celebrity or a musician visits our city, but Mr. Gobin from Riverside Elementary hopes to lure a big one in!

Nicholas Hunt/ Getty Images

Mr. Gobin is part of the Rochester Right Fit program and say he has 26 years in Rochester Public Schools from his time as a student and now as a teacher.  On Thursday, he sang Piano Man to Billy Joel via a Facebook video.  Why?  "I kind of love my job.  What can I say?"  The improbable may actually be possible.  Just last year, Taylor Hawkins of the Foo Fighters visited Riverside.  Mr. Gobin urges Billy to visit! "Your song is really neat.  If you are ever visiting Rochester, Minnesota let's jam."  To watch Mr. Gobin's video and help spread his message, hopefully all the way to Billy Joel, click here.