No, it's not doctors! But it is in the medical profession. did a study to find the best cities for paramedics and EMTs and Rochester was the only Minnesota city that made the top 10 and is the best in the midwest!

Overall, Rochester ranked the 3rd best city to be a paramedic and EMT for 2018!


Here are the top 10 cities to be a paramedic and EMT:

Gainesville, GA

Johnstown, PA

Rochester, MN

Lewiston, ME

Rome, GA

Auburn, ME

Kingman, AZ

Prescott, AZ

Santa Rosa, CA

Flagstaff, AZ

Billerica, MA

Albany, GA

Atlantic City, NJ

Douglas, AZ

Lake Charles, LA

Salisbury, MD

Tyler, TX

Gadsden, AL

Greenville, NC

Ocean City, NJ


Take a look at the study in more detail at!


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