By now I'm sure you've noticed the people going crazy hoarding supplies, but there's also another group in Rochester that is doing amazing things - they're helping collect items for people in need. And you can be part of that group. A Rochester woman created the Facebook page less than 24 hours ago, and already there are nearly 1,000 people that have joined.

I got the idea to create this group when I was in HyVee yesterday and saw they actually had toilet paper. Even though we do not currently need it, I did consider grabbing just one package. I changed my mind after considering there are people out there who actually need it. I then thought that just because I am not buying it when I don't, doesn't mean there aren't others who aren't, meaning those that do may still go without. Please use this page to post items you or your family is in need of. Others can let you know where to find them or we can all chip in to provide. Please consider sharing, even if you are not the one in need, you may be the one who can help! - Mandy Anderson

It's a beautiful idea because there are so many people out there that could use help. Royal Johnson from Virgil's offered to be a drop-off/pickup spot. Click here to learn more and/or join the Facebook page.

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