It's like I never left Illinois!

By the way, while we're on the subject, I'll just have it known that no one from Chicago really goes nuts over deep dish pizza because they've got access to it anytime. They'll entertain tourists and visitors with it though.

Before coming to Rochester, I went to Chicago a lot because I lived only two hours away from it.

ANYWAY, the real reason that I brought up deep dish pizza is that I noticed that it's being sold locally at one of our favorite breweries!


I had to rub my eyes for an extra second or two to make sure I read that correctly, but yes, Forager Brewery does have deep dish pizza on their current menu.

Anyone visiting or moving from the Chicago area will love this!

If you're interested in trying one, you're going to want to put in an order early because it's about to be a busy pizza month. It turns out that Halloween one of the busiest pizza days of the year. Hey, it is National Pizza Month after all. It makes sense!

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