Forager Brewery co-owners Annie Henderson and Austin Jevne have opened a new brewery in Wisconsin which will allow them to get their delicious beers on liquor store shelves across the country.

Austin Jevne, Forager's Head Brewer, said this has been the goal for awhile: “We have always wanted to be able to distribute our beer,  however due to Minnesota laws which prohibit a brewpub like Forager Brewery from also owning a distribution company in the same state, it made it difficult to achieve this. It took a lot of time, research, and creativity to figure out how we could make this dream a reality. That’s when we reached out to our friends in Wisconsin and decided to create Humble Forager Brewery.”


Humble Forager Brewery will be located just outside of Madison, Wisconsin. Their beers will be sold as four-packs of 16 oz cans and distributed throughout a variety of liquor stores across the nation. They're also looking to get their beers on tap at restaurants and bars across the region.

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