There's A LOT of excitement around this brand new Rochester burger joint... the only problem is it REALLY needs to be staffed.

When it comes to their employee search, this is how desperate Hot Chip Burger Bar in Rochester really is!

Hot Chip Burger Bar via Facebook
Hot Chip Burger Bar via Facebook

Yep! They are actually including these pleas in their responses on their Facebook page. When you think about it, it's not such a bad idea! They are increasing their engagement stats (thus increasing the likelihood that you'll see their posts) and building a fanbase by communicating with their customers!

It all stemmed from a post about a tasty veggie burger that everyone was drooling over.

Resistance was futile, and we got excited!

If you know anyone in Rochester looking for work at all (or even looking to change jobs!), this might be the solution to what they've been looking for. You can apply to work at a hip new restaurant below.

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