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Every day in Rochester people are doing something good for one another. Sometimes on a big scale, sometimes and a small scale. Sometimes, even when they're huge, you don't hear about the awesomeness. This time, though, you get to hear about a moment of awesome.

Today (Tuesday, December 15, 2020) The Tap House posted this on their Facebook page.

I am not often brought to tears. Actually, that is a lie (ask my business partner) …but today has been extra emotional. I am a big believer in the statement that "peoples true colors come out during times of adversity". You find out who your true supporters are and most importantly...you find out who your friends are.

Nine years ago, my BFF asked me..."Do you want to build a snowman?". That was usually code for, Get Your Checkbook Ready! We took a risk and a chance that we could make something great. It has been an adventure to say the least.

The one thing that was the most surprising along the way, was that not everyone would be happy for your success. There would be many who would build you up...but some that would try to bring you down as well. As a business owner, you meet people every day who fall into these 2 categories. It's kind of like the girl that has to kiss a lot of frogs to find her prince. When you find the special one, you keep that person forever. Friends are like that. You build each other up and you keep them forever.

Say what you will about this pandemic, but there has been a silver lining for us. We have met some extraordinary people...other small business owners that we did not really know before. Others that we knew, but got to know better. We really are a family of sorts.

Today, one of those friends walked through our door at The Tap House West End and did something truly amazing. My emotions got the best of me, so I feel like I wasn't able to fully express my gratitude. I was stopped in my tracks and still very emotional as I write this.

Philip Nicklay from Viola Nursery and Greenhouse came in to tell me that he was not giving us a bill for all our winter planters. On top of that, he dropped off a large envelope of cash..to disperse to our staff...a LOT of cash. He simply said, "Merry Christmas".

If you do not know Philip and his business, you should. He is one of the hardest workers I know. He worked day and night to help create a space for additional seating when we were told "outdoor only". He made our parking lot at The Tap House West End a destination for outdoor dining. His planters are the most beautiful creations I have ever seen. He always adds a little splash of yellow in all my planters (even when I say...No yellow).

I think it's his way of throwing a little sunshine my way. He puts passion in everything he does. He showed up every day at The West End to water and check on things. He IS small business himself. He is struggling also...and HE DOES THIS. THIS is what he is.

I'm not sure yet, what I am going to do with this or how I am going to pay this forward. I need to let this sink in. Viola Nursery and Greenhouse is a business...please reach out to them! Show them your love! Give them your business!! His holiday planters would look lovely on your front porch! Don't forget summer too!!!

Philip...OUR HEARTS GREW THREE SIZES TODAY. We love you. Our staff loves you. You are family. You are a supporter. Your true colors are ❤️❤️❤️!! You have displayed true Christmas Spirit! Merry Christmas to you and your entire Viola Nursery and Greenhouse family!!! We will keep you forever!

Now THAT is something special this Christmas. Thank you for sharing it, Tap House.  I hope a lot of people will read this and feel inspired and it'll become like waves in Silver Lake, rippling to their next adventure.

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