It's a feel good story of the Rochester community coming together after Jeff Kiger's Post-Bulletin article of Corey Jacobs and his cat Nighty, hit the sites of readers. Corey's van  was hit by an uninsured drunk driver resulting in expensive damages. The catch? The van was Corey and Nighty's home. Corey has been homeless and bought the van a couple of weeks ago to put shelter over his head. Knowing Corey's situation, the Rochester Police department gave him an extension to move his van so that he could come up with the funds to fix it.

But how does a homeless man with meager funds fix the expensive damage to his van and only home?

With the help of Rochester, of course! After Kiger's article there was sincere interest in helping Corey and Nighty. Corey Stafford from Kinsellas set up a GoFundme. Within a day or two funds were raised! Corey and Nighty were able to obtain the replacement parts.

Southpoint Motors posted this status today:


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