In Northwest Rochester, there's an escape room called Escape Challenge. If you've never been there before you might want to buy your tickets soon, I get the feeling they're going to get very busy! Escape Challenge was just named the best escape room in Minnesota according to WCCO viewers.

Owner Nathan Schroeder spoke with WCCO about how Escape Challenge works. Nathan's mom, Cindy, is the concierge and she'll match your group with one of 4 scenarios that fits your group the best.

You have one hour to solve the puzzle and escape but don't worry, if your group gets stuck you can get hints from the designated employee who's watching your group the entire time. At any time this person can type clues to you that'll appear in the room to help you out. Pretty fancy, right?

I think escape rooms are so much fun but I've never been to Escape Challenge! Sounds like the next place to go!

If you do go to Escape Challenge (or any escape room for that matter) Cindy's advice to get out successfully is to keep talking to each other. If you see, hear, or find something, tell everyone!


Source: WCCO


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