Here's what's happening: Burger King currently sells a veggie burger. The burger is a MorningStar Farms brand. Last week, the website LiveKindly reported that "earlier this month, the Kellogg-owned MorningStar brand committed to making their entire product line vegan by 2021." Of course, creating mass speculation that Burger King would soon be selling vegan burgers.

Today (March 18), a MorningStar Farms representative reached out to us and said that information is inaccurate as no statement regarding vegan burgers coming to the chain has been made by Burger King or MorningStar Farms.

If Burger King did make this change, they would become the largest fast-food chain to offer vegan burgers. That record is currently held by Carl's Jr. There's isn't even a single Carl's Jr. restaurant in Minnesota!

I didn't realize just how many vegan-friendly options Burger King already has. LiveKindly goes on to say that their fries are vegan, as are the Hash Brown Rounds, French Toast Sticks, and oatmeal (if made with water).

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