Rochester, MN (KROC AM News) -  An assistant principal at a Rochester middle school may have suffered a concussion after being punched by an 11-year-old student.

It happened Monday at John Adams and it wasn’t the first time the same student punched the same employee.

Rochester police officers were called to the school after the incident happened in the swimming pool area. A police spokesman says the student had become disruptive while in the pool and refused to get out of the water. The assistant principal and other staff were called to the pool and after the student got out of the water, he punched her. Police say she lost consciousness and fell to the concrete floor. The woman later told police she may have suffered a concussion. She also told officers the student had punched her about a month ago and knocked her out but she decided not to report the incident.

The boy’s father initially rejected a request to take his son home but eventually showed up.The police spokesman says the student apparently suffers from a mental illness.

Monday was reportedly the final day at John Adams for the student as he was transferring to another school.

Police are recommending felony assault charges against the student.

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