If you're going to be immortalized, it's might as well be in the form of a bobblehead, right?


I had the pleasure of working alongside Rich Peterson at Townsquare Media for several years, and he'd most likely tell you that he was lucky enough to share an office with me for a few of those too. In fact, he'd probably even tell you those years were his favorite, but in case you don't have time to ask him you can just take my word for it...

Anyways, it seems retirement may have gone to his 'head' because the Rochester Honkers somehow got duped into honoring "Rapid Rich" by handing out a commemorative bobblehead of the radio icon!

I was asked to stop by the Honkers office today to "go over" some "stuff" for the upcoming season. It was a trap!

The Rochester Honkers have recognized me for the many bobbles not only on the baseball field, but on the mike.


Rich Bobblehead front
Rich Bobblehead back

Peterson walked away from radio last summer, and has been laying low for the most part since. But lucky for the Honkers, you'll still be able to catch him at the ballpark this year!

For those who have never been down to Mayo Field, Peterson is the lovable voice you'll hear over the PA system in which he'll frequently address the crowd before and during the games by making announcements: Like telling us who's coming up to bat, give us the play-by-play during contests between innings, and my personal favorite - Reminding the stands which batter is the "beer batter" (Mmmm beeeeer!)

The big giveaway is planned for Friday, July 6 when our home team Honkers take on the Duluth Huskies! First pitch is at 7:05 P.M.

If you want to check out the complete 2018 Honkers schedule, and all their other promotions you can go to their website HERE.

Congrats on the bobblehead, Rich! I fully expect you to autograph mine so that I may place it next to the rest of your junk you forgot to box up when you left last summer.

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