School is expensive! Here's how you can earn thousands of dollars towards your education.

It's Teacher Appreciation Week! Remember that teacher that inspired you to be more? I do! Mr. Donze was the best! He is the reason that I'm where I'm at today. Ever thought of being a teacher? Or maybe you want to give back by inspiring other kids. Here's a great opportunity!

You could become a tutor for elementary students in Rochester.

Thousands of tutors are being placed in schools throughout the state for the 2017-2018 school year through the AmeriCorps program. Rochester still needs several reading tutors.

What happens when you become a tutor?

  • You inspire and help kids right here in Rochester
  • You commit to 11 months of "service" (part OR full time)
  • You earn extra cash ($574 every two weeks)
  • You can earn an education award of up $5,815 for further education
  • You are eligible for insurance AND child care assistance (if you're full time)

Or, call 866-859-2825.

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