My neighborhood is pretty tight. We all socialize together so this quarantine has been pretty hard on the overall morale of everyone on our street. If the vibe of your neighborhood is down, RNeighbors wants to help. The group, designed to promote a "vibrant, healthy, and livable community", is offering mini-grants to help you boost everyone's spirits.

On their website, they say the grant money can be used for:

    • Provide supplies for signs of encouragement or banners including poster board, sidewalk chalk, markers, fabric, etc.
    • Create a cheerful postcard mailing
    • Hire a local musician or DJ for a neighborhood dance party (everyone dances in their own driveway)
    • Contract with a local artist to work with the neighbors on some sort of public art that could be done with proper social distancing, but enjoyed by all
    • Work with a local designer to produce a neighborhood logo and have t-shirts printed
    • Determine a neighborhood reporter to assemble a weekly newsletter about residents
    • Organize a street-wide or neighborhood-wide contest such as a kazoo band, scavenger hunt, or costume parade that the grant could fund flyers and incentives for participation
    • Work on a “playborhood” concept and create an atmosphere for unstructured outdoor play. This article identifies steps that almost any neighborhood can take to promote connections and safe play.

Click here to learn more and apply for a neighborhood mini-grant.


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