Edible Arrangements is moving to a new store. I was over by Cherry Berry yesterday when I saw a bunch of signs - Pictures of mouth-watering fruit and a sign that says "Edibles opening soon." The building is completely empty, so I assumed that it would be quite a while before they were ready to open, but when I reached out to the owners, they said they were shooting for next month.

TSM Rochester
TSM Rochester

Their plan is to open their new location in the Posh Boutique building off 2nd Street Southwest the week of Thanksgiving. Once the new location opens, the current location in Northeast Rochester (Wellner Dr) will close.

Have you tried Edible Arrangements yet? I've had some bites of a bouquet filled with deliciousness. I'm not loved enough to get my own bouquet but loved just enough to get a sample of someone else's. Kidding, but not really. They are gorgeously put together though, that's for sure. And the fruit was spectacular. The bouquets aren't the only thing they'll sell in their store. You can also find chocolate covered fruit, shakes, smoothies, and more.

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