A Rochester tattoo shop is being recognized in a huge way. Sacred Heart Studios has been named one of the best in the state.

The article lists the top 10 places in Minnesota, with the majority being in the cities. Sacred Heart was the only shop in the med city area mentioned in the article. Coming in at number 7, this is what they had to say about Sacred Heart:

In Southeast Minnesota, folks rely on Sacred Heart Studios to apply the region’s most creative and well-drawn ink. Apart from the studio’s talented artists, clients have made Sacred Heart the area’s top-rated studio because of the clean, friendly, and welcoming atmosphere. When you get a tattoo at Sacred Heart, you become a member of the family.

Samm and Q

The article was written by Best Things Minnesota, and I could not agree more that Sacred Heart belongs on that list. That's right, you have a local opinion too. If you recall, I blogged about an amazing tattoo I had done a few years back. It is my favorite piece (and I have a lot). My guy's name is James. He's done tattoos for several of my friends and family members, including my husband (see picture). Honestly, though, there's not a bad tattoo artist there.

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